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Manjha is an online platform that provides full stack solutions for aquaculture including supply of qualitative aqua-inputs, farm consultancy and better price realization for the final produce through forward market linkage. Manjha is currently serving over 15,000 farmers nationwide
At Manjha, we are optimizing the traditional practices/ processes for enhanced productivity and profitability by making a significant impact in four key areas:
  1. Mapping fish seed availability, enabling direct purchases from hatcheries and seed suppliers.
  2. Providing online and offline supply of fish and shrimp feed, health supplements, testing kits, and equipment of 15+ top brands.
  3. Updating farmers with best practices through blogs and latest videos.
  4. Offering consultancy services to fish farmers for improved productivity and profitability
  5. Promoting social community learning through "Matsya Charcha"
Our dedicated team is constantly enhancing our technology to provide real-time farm analysis, enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions. Additionally, we are actively working on credit support and forward linkage with the market to further empower our farmer community
Click on the link below to watch a quick two-minute video that provides an overview of our platform:
Ajmer sing
Ajmer Singh Malik
(Co-founder/ Advisor)
A highly experienced fish farmer with over 30 years of expertise in the field. He holds the distinction of owning the largest number of fish cages in the world and operates fish farms spanning over 30,000 acres across 10+ towns in India. As an advisor to fellow fish farmers, Ajmer Singh Malik shares his knowledge and insights to help them improve their practices and enhance their productivity.
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